• Wishing Three

    I wish that we may be together In a way that we fear nothing And believe in everything that we have I wish that we may both be stronger In a way that we do not hold back the tears But cry ...

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    Wishing Three
  • Bright

    The light bounces and rolls off in slivers. I stand cowering at your brilliance. There's nothing to shut it out so I stare and shade my eyes. © 2021 Shirley Siaton. Please ...

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  • The Wall

    Lying in a visage of treacherous stride, Living on bushels of gold, barrels of wine; Listening to the voices echo down The empty halls of your heart-- Voices evil, lost, divine. Through it ...

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    The Wall
  • Beyond Unseeing

    Make me see All that I have to understand So the raging inside can quiet. In soothing tones Hum a lullaby for me Make the tears dry away Into forgetfulness. Seeking shelter-- ...

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    Beyond Unseeing

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