• Sanctity

    There is nothing that happens In the swollen void That is my heart There is nothing that will     go right through In the corridors Of my empty heedlessness © 2021 ...

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  • Beyond Unseeing

    Make me see All that I have to understand So the raging inside can quiet. In soothing tones Hum a lullaby for me Make the tears dry away Into forgetfulness. Seeking shelter-- ...

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    Beyond Unseeing
  • Heat

    I feel my heart steaming towards you I am wrought with the flames     Of passion     Consuming me 'Til I am nothing more Than smoldering ash I feel my ...

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  • Problem

    You are my problem The hurdle of razor-sharpness I must blindly clear Or get cut Bad Your are my problem The ever-flowing sands of Time I must outrun Or get snowed under By falling ...

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