• Problem

    You are my problem The hurdle of razor-sharpness I must blindly clear Or get cut Bad Your are my problem The ever-flowing sands of Time I must outrun Or get snowed under By falling ...

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  • Remember

    Remember my tears They were shed for the loneliness That I saw around me I tried to end the pain But I did not have the power Remember my laughter It rang because of hope That each new ...

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  • Sanctity

    There is nothing that happens In the swollen void That is my heart There is nothing that will     go right through In the corridors Of my empty heedlessness © 2021 ...

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  • The Watcher

    Eventide slowly falls Under the stars That blink and fool Night becomes my shelter In this lonesome solitude Call to me With your song Ever promising Dawn slowly rises Into my ...

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    The Watcher

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