• Heat

    I feel my heart steaming towards you I am wrought with the flames     Of passion     Consuming me 'Til I am nothing more Than smoldering ash I feel my ...

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  • The Watcher

    Eventide slowly falls Under the stars That blink and fool Night becomes my shelter In this lonesome solitude Call to me With your song Ever promising Dawn slowly rises Into my ...

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    The Watcher
  • Wishing Three

    I wish that we may be together In a way that we fear nothing And believe in everything that we have I wish that we may both be stronger In a way that we do not hold back the tears But cry ...

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    Wishing Three
  • Turn to Me

    Call for my passion Heedless as I am Reckless and unstoppable I shall hear you Sadness and hate May consume me But never Shall I turn away From you Speak to my soul As I wait for ...

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    Turn to Me

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