• The Watcher

    Eventide slowly falls Under the stars That blink and fool Night becomes my shelter In this lonesome solitude Call to me With your song Ever promising Dawn slowly rises Into my ...

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    The Watcher
  • Bright

    The light bounces and rolls off in slivers. I stand cowering at your brilliance. There's nothing to shut it out so I stare and shade my eyes. © 2021 Shirley Siaton. Please ...

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  • Far Away

    All alone In the silence Of endless thoughts Poured onto an empty page. The distance: a wall of Isles, rocks and foam Travelled on by Despair; Breaking through. As blood pools On ...

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    Far Away
  • The Wall

    Lying in a visage of treacherous stride, Living on bushels of gold, barrels of wine; Listening to the voices echo down The empty halls of your heart-- Voices evil, lost, divine. Through it ...

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    The Wall

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